Forget about “mobile app builders” and “one4all directory apps”! We are offering an innovative way to get your own app with your CMS and marketing panel for as low as 2$ per day. And this is just the beginning. Personalization, store submission, all existing as well as upcoming modules without additional payments, marketing materials, promotional tools, technical support, superb customer care and much more…. Don’t waste your money on custom development, upgrades or DYS programs. You will never catch the quality and price performance compared to our offer. Order your mobile application today and take over your competitive advantage on the fast evolving mobile market.

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Your new mobile application will work on an Android and iOS (Apple) platform so your app will be available on almost all smart phones and tablets

Android & Apple application

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Each mobile application starts with an icon and splash screen. We will customize your icon and splash screen with your company Logo. Your application will be branded also with your color scheme.

Icon & Splash Screen

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The home screen gives the user a navigation to different modules. The home screen will adapt to your active modules that can be manageable inside the CMS system. The home screen is clean and user friendly to offer a great experience to app users.

Home screen

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The module company info offers basic and fast accessible data about your company like:
  • Company Description
  • Time table (Open hours)
  • Contact data (Office, store, clinic,..)
  • Phone number (Click to Call)
  • Map with your location
  • Company image gallery
With the touch of a finger your app users will be able to initiate a call or even use the navigation system to find your place.

Company Info

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Do you have more locations?
Great, Our module supports multiple locations with segmented data for each location like.
  • Time table (Open hours)
  • Contact data (Office, store, clinic,..)
  • Phone number (Click to Call)
  • Map with exact location

Multiple locations

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This special module offers restaurants to segment and show the offer based on:
  • Breakfast
  • Lounch
  • Dinner

You can insert the menu attributes with food description, images and price. You can also enter daily offers in advance. Fresh offers and an updated app is what your clients want and need.

Daily food menus

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The module enables each restaurant to enter complete menu and season offers. You can create categories and specials so your clients will have your complete offer on their mobile devices inside their pockets.

Specials are placed on the front page of the module so you will properly expose them to your mobile application users.

Season food menus

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Inside our CMS system you can create unlimited categories for your products or services. You can include unlimited products inside your categories so your products and services will look more user friendly.

Offer Categories

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The module offers an advanced presentation of your product or service with all the attributes like title, description, price, … You can also turn on reviews and rating for each product so you will collect feedback directly from your mobile application. Users can submit inquiries directly from your product page. You can also add external links for each product or service that is connected to external content.

For each product you can include information like:

  • Name of the product or service
  • Product or service subtitle
  • Description
  • Price
  • External links to your e-shop
  • Main product picture
  • Additional pictures gallery
  • User Reviews
  • User Ratings
  • Direct inquiry

Product/Services details page

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Collecting direct feedback from your customers is crucial for the optimization of your products and/or services. Each product can be rated from 1 to 5 stars inside the application. Besides rating, users can also submit a review or comment. You collect the feedback inside the administration panel where you can also decide to publish review or not. Users can also select if they want to submit a public or private review.

Ratings & Rewievs

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Mobile apps enable the user to connect with your brand with a single touch of the screen on the mobile device. Users can also send inquiries directly to your company mailbox. All inquiries are also saved inside the administration panel.

For reservations or appointments users can also define the date and hour inside the request.
Giving the users all the options with the reservations is our goal and this module is crucial for every business.

Reservations & inqueries

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You can easily publish news, promotions and other PR materials under the news module. You can update your news at any time through our CMS system so your application will be always fresh. Important messages can be delivered through this powerful communication channel. You will gain your customer loyalty with your content delivery directly to your mobile users.

The module includes:

  • News Title
  • News short content
  • News content
  • News image gallery

Modul News

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Important mission for every business is to properly expose products on sale. Inside CMS system you can select the products that will be exposed on Products module home screen. Management of promotions is easy and quick. It is the perfect solution to attract users and close quick sales.

Module for Products on SALE

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The loyalty program is now a part of the mobile application. Users can receive a digital stamp based on the pin entered by your personnel. The loyalty card will never be lost again and this was the most common case with printed loyalty cards in the past. With this module you will gain repeatable orders and loyal customers. This is also the perfect way to engage new customers through a simple bonus or an award system.

Inside the administration panel you can configure your loyalty cards with your bonus or award system. You can run unlimited cards inside your mobile application for different awards and/or bonuses.

Loyality cards program

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Inside the application you can show points of interests around your location. Users will find interesting places around and they will experience your location in a different way. If you own a hotel for example you can expose places like:

  • City monuments
  • Medical services
  • Sport venues
  • Shops
  • Entertainment spots
  • Hitchhiking tops
The module POI is great for any kind of business. If you sell bikes for example, you can show all bike services, gas stations, etc.

POI module - Points of interest

Some of our respective clients

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